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  • Six Flags New England Coupons Are Ready For You, But Are You Ready For Them?

    Posted on February 28th, 2013 ElizaP No comments

    A few clicks is all it takes to find Six Flags New England coupons. And there are many more deals to be had, including season passes, BOGO offers and discounts on meals. But are you sure you’re ready for all of the fun that Six Flags has to offer? The park has a new addition this year which will surely change your mind about water slides!

    Bonzai Pipelines will open this season, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. This ride stretches over 250 feet. You’ll freefall through all of Bonzai’s 65 foot height in a covered water slide. But which one will depend on which of the six – yes, we said six – of the launching capsules you choose! 40 miles per hour is how fast you’ll body surf through this behemoth, twisting, turning and looping until you finally get shot out of the end into six inches of H2O.

  • Family Fun with Six Flags New England Coupons

    Posted on May 16th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    Enjoy the summer fun with your whole family when you use Six Flags New England coupons and get everyone in for the kids price. You’ll love the fun you’ll have, while paying much less than the people standing in line!  There are also incredible deals on season passes, and savings on flash passes, parking and group rates as well.  A season pass will pay for itself in less than three visits, and you’ll continue to get great bargains and special coupons.  All season passholders get a coupon booklet worth over $300 to share with their friends, including buy one get one free passes.  You can even get free tickets for friends on select days.