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  • Online Deals For Everything Six Flags Are Available With Just A Few Clicks

    Posted on November 12th, 2013 ElizaP No comments

    Online searches can be particularly rewarding for theme parks. And one example are Discovery Kingdom coupons. One day passes are available at the kids’ price, and season passes are just as affordable. That means that you can enjoy unlimited visits all season long for just a few dollars more than the standard price at the gate. And the Flash Pass at Discovery Kingdom can reserve your seat on the best rides while you enjoy the rest of the park.

    It’s not hard to find these online. All you have to do is search for the park you want. You’ll soon find Six Flags coupon codes posted with significant discounts. Whether you want group discounts, season passes, or want to get everyone in the family into the park at the kids’ price, there are tons of theme park savings online.


  • Discover Theme Park Magic With Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons

    Posted on August 27th, 2013 ElizaP No comments

    Theme parks are a great idea when you want to bring the family together. The sun, the laughter, the rides, the entire atmosphere says ‘perfect family day’. But one of the disappointments on an otherwise great theme park trip is the cost of admission. One of the best ways to get the most out of theme parks without hurting your wallet is by using discounts. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons offer a wide range of different promotions and deals. So, instead of paying full price at the gate, just go online for Six Flags savings ahead of time.

  • Claim Great Savings On Your Next Trip With Six Flags Coupons

    Posted on May 6th, 2011 ElizaP No comments

    You may not have thought that there was any other way to get Six Flags coupons than to stand in a long line at the gate. But now you can avoid long gate lines and enjoy savings for just about everything at the park, simply by going online to claim your discounts! They’ve made it really easy to plan your trip and pack the most fun into your day. All you have to do is locate your park name in the list, review the coupons and check out. After you’ve ordered, you can print your tickets right from home. You can also get expert tips from seasoned park goers about which sections of the park to visit first so you don’t miss a thing.

  • Discovery Kingdom Coupons Helped Us Save Big

    Posted on March 1st, 2011 ElizaP No comments

    Our family wanted to take a trip to Six Flags last year. But when I learned how expensive it was, I started thinking about cancelling our plans. That is, until I talked to my neighbour and she told me about Discovery Kingdom coupons. She had taken her family to Six Flags, and when she told me how much they paid, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was! Of course, I had to ask her how she got such a great price. She took me inside and showed me this great site that had coupons for Six Flags parks all over the country. The discounts were really amazing! I discovered that we could save on tickets, along with parking passes and food! When I did the math, it was obvious how much we’d be saving.

  • Get More Fun For Your Buck With Discovery Kingdom Coupons

    Posted on December 30th, 2010 ElizaP No comments

    Believe it or not, there’s never been a better time than now to plan your next visit with Discovery Kingdom coupons. That’s because you can get some awesome deals on next year’s season passes, simply by going online. But that’s not all; you can also get in on meal and parking discounts too! Discovery Kingdom has so much to do, you’ll want to come back time and again to take it all in! And when you go online, you never have to pay full price for any visit. But what makes it even easier to enjoy your day at the park is that you can print all of your tickets and parking passes right from home. And no waiting in line once you get there.

  • Discovery Kingdom Coupons – Save Big on Your Next Visit

    Posted on July 13th, 2010 TraceyS No comments

    There are so many reasons to visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, including extreme rides like the Boomerang Coast to Coaster and Medusa. Whether you’re planning a trip with friends or with family, be sure to take advantage of Discovery Kingdom coupons. One option is for adults to pay the kid’s price of admission. No matter your age, when you use this coupon you can get your ticket for $31.99. Spend the day feeling like a kid again – and paying the price of one! If you’re planning on visiting the park a few times this year, why not take advantage of big savings on season passes? You can get a pass for the whole summer for just $64.99. There are tons of additional benefits too, like a coupon book that can save you as much as $300 inside the park plus free tickets for friends on certain days.

  • Discovery Kingdom Coupon Codes – Savings Just Waiting To Be Used

    Posted on June 10th, 2010 Promo Professional No comments

    Are the Discovery Kingdom Coupon Codes truly as good as they are saying? Heck yeah! How great would it be to pay kids prices for your whole family? Well, if you are looking to purchase a daily pass at Discovery Kingdom, by purchasing them on line at home, you will pay $31.99 per person. Season Passes are $69.99 and pay for themselves in less than two visits. There are so many great extras that come with the season pass, most importantly, your kids can bring friends and you will receive a $300 Value Book to be used within the park. So go ahead and enjoy yourself because you and your family deserve this treat.

  • Current Discovery Kingdom Coupons Mean Great Savings in 2010

    Posted on May 24th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    It’s frustrating to go on an online search for current promotions like Discovery Kingdom Coupons, only to find a bunch of outdated coupon codes and information.  We have found a great resource that keeps up to date on discounts to all of the Six Flags theme parks, including Discovery Kingdom.  There are lots of ways to save at Six Flags, including daily passes, season passes, combination passes, advance parking, meal vouchers, group rates, and more.  Don’t bother trying to purchase tickets at the gate anymore — you’ll only have to wait in long lines in order to pay full price.  Instead, make sure you take advantage of current online promotions and enjoy the convenience of one stop shopping.

  • Discovery Kingdom Coupons for Attractive Savings

    Posted on April 16th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    You’ve got to  love looking forward to summer savings with Discovery Kingdom coupons.  This Six Flags park in the Los Angeles area is close to other Six Flags attractions, and home to some of the most extreme rides on earth!  Right now, when you buy your tickets online, you can save big on season passes and daily admission.  Everyone gets in for the kids price on daily admission online, and the discounts on season passes are just huge.  Buying your tickets online makes for a generous reward.  Just buy your tickets, print them, and go have fun – ahead of everyone else!

  • Discovery Kingdom Coupons are Your Ticket to Fun!

    Posted on April 8th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    The summer season is approaching fast, and you’ll love the chance to have great family fun while saving money with Discovery Kingdom coupons at Six Flags.  Get great discounts for a limited time on season passes, and also find super savings on daily admission when you buy your tickets online. Right now, everyone pays kids price for daily admission.  There are also some super discounts for parking, food, and flash passes.  The key is to order your tickets online, print them, and go to the park.  You’ll go to the head of the line at the front gate, and pay less money than the folks standing there in the heat!

  • San Francisco Bay Fun with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons

    Posted on March 19th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    We can’t stress it enough, the time is now for savings with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom coupons. From super savings on season passes to one day admission for everyone at kids price, you will have so much fun and save more money than you thought possible.  This park is home to some of the most extreme rides in the entire Six Flags family.  There are also great fun rides for younger children, and special shows.  In short, there is something for everyone in the entire family.  When you visit the San Francisco Bay area, this attraction is definitely not to be missed.  Buy your tickets online for less money than you will pay at the gate, print them at home, and go have fun!

  • Open Season for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons

    Posted on March 13th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    The time for fun is here! Enjoy your springtime visit to America’s favorite theme parks, and get great savings with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom coupons. For a limited time, everyone in your party will be admitted for the kids price when you buy your tickets online.  Now how cool is that?  Go to a place that makes you feel like a kid again and pay the kids price!  You will also find super discounts on season passes as well.  These are just $49.99, and they pay for themselves in less than two visits.  Best of all, season pass holders get a coupon book worth over $300 with special savings for their friends.  You’ll have fun all summer long!

  • Summer Fun Awaits with Six Flags Coupons

    Posted on February 26th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    Super summer savings await you with Six Flags coupons.  Find the best discounts now on season passes, flash passes, and one day admission.  This is the best day trip for your family, and if you are within driving distance of one of the parks, you’ll want to return for the entire season again and again.  Here’s the catch – you can only get these super discounts online, and only for a limited time.  Buy your tickets online, and save.  Print them at home, and go to the head of the line the day you visit the park.  Find additional savings online for parking, special events, and even food.  Season pass holders enjoy special perks, including a coupon booklet worth over $300 that they can share with their friends.  Come on in from the cold, it will be summer before you know it!

  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons Super Online Savings!

    Posted on February 18th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    It’s not too early to begin planning the family fun with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom coupons. There are some super savings online for a limited time.  You can get a great discount on season passes, or you can get everyone in your party admitted for one day at the kids price.  Now isn’t it great, at Discovery Kingdom you can be a kid no matter what your age!  You’ll also find some great discounts on flash passes, parking, VIP tours, and special events.  Don’t forget to share the coupon booklet with high value savings you’ll receive when you buy a season pass!

  • Early Bird Ticket to Fun with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons

    Posted on February 5th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    It’s not too early to buy your tickets for fun at Six Flags this summer.  Right now, there are limited time Six Flags Discovery Kingdom coupons which will really save you money.  So, it pays to plan ahead.  A season pass is just $49.99!  This price will not last.  Also, if you are only going for one day, everyone in your party can get in for the kids price.  This is only available online, so buy your tickets now and save.

    Six Flags coupons are plentiful and available for those in the know.  The online deals are the best, and are far more valuable than anything in print or local promotions.  You’ll find deals online for season passes, daily tickets, and also for flash passes, parking, special events, and even food.  This helps you not only save money, but time as well.  There’s less waiting in line, and you pretty much have an idea of what you want to do.  Imagine cutting wait time at the parking lot, the admission gate – and with a flash pass, you cut time waiting for rides!

  • Spring into Fun with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Coupons

    Posted on January 28th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    It’s not too early to plan for your springtime fun with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom coupons.  The park opens at the end of March, and the time is coming fast!  You could have tickets in hand, ready to go, for much less than people will pay at the gate or with other promotions.  These offers are only available online, which makes life convenient for you.  Just order your tickets, pay less money, and print!

    You’ll find great Six Flags coupons for season passes.  Discounts on general admission at the parks include buy one get one free, or everyone pays kids price.  You’ll also find discounts on parking, food, and flash passes.  Some parks have special two park admission discounts.  And season pass holders get all kinds of perks throughout the season, including a coupon book to share with friends worth over $300, and special deals when they sign up for emails with Funatics, the online newsletter.

  • Everyone Pays Kids Price with Discovery Kingdom Coupons

    Posted on January 14th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    Everybody pays kids’ price with Discovery Kingdom coupons that are online.  Yes, everybody!  One price, whether you are a kid, or a kid at heart.  You will not find a deal like that anywhere else.  The best part is that you can order your tickets online, print them, and have them when you go to the head of the line at the park.  No waiting to get in!

    Six Flags coupons make the best theme parks affordable for you and your family and friends.  Season tickets at Discovery Kingdom are now only $49.99.  That means they pay for themselves in less than two visits.  Season ticket holders will also get a great booklet of over $300 worth of coupons to be used on their future visits after their first visit of the year to the park.  You’ll also find specials for a backstage safari tour of animal attractions, and deals on parking, flash passes and food.  Plan your entire trip from your computer, and get the royal treatment when you go.  Only you’ll have paid far less than most people there!

  • New Discovery Kingdom Coupons for 2010

    Posted on January 6th, 2010 JanetM No comments

    Discovery Kingdom coupons are a great way to save money, and plan a fun filled day at this super family attraction in Vallejo, CA.  Right now, the season passes are selling online for only $49.99!  If you don’t want a season pass, you can purchase one day admission for everyone in your group at the low price of $29.99.  That’s the kids price!  Imagine, children of all ages getting in for just one price – and you don’t have to scrunch down or lie about your age!  You’ll also find great deals on advance parking, and even savings on food in the park.

    Season pass holders can now get more savings opportunities.  By joining “Funatics”, the free email sign up list, you’ll get special notice of Skip the Line Passes, Bring a Friend Free tickets, free soft drinks, and more.  You can choose several parks to receive information about.  Check out for details on all current Six Flags promotions and sales.